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Eye Shadows - Hints and Tips


Beauty Without Cruelty Eyeshadows are available in a fabulous range of day and night colours with a shade that’s right for you.Our mineral shimmers and pressed eyeshadow duos will give you the all-star look you’ve been craving, whether it’s the natural day tones or something more glamorous for the evening.

Not only should you get the right shade to match your eye colour but the application will make all the difference. Following these easy hints and tips will help you create the look that’s straight off the catwalk.

Certain eye shadow colours suit different eye colours, so choosing the right combination is important.

What to Wear

Eye Colour

What to Avoid

Warm Colours such as Browns, Peach, Beige, Copper, Orange


Blue as it will compete with your eyes

Cool colours such as Dark Grey, Purple, Brown, Blue, Green, Black, Silver


Grey, Pink and Red

Most shades, Green, Brown. Blue, Copper, Gold, Plum, Purple,


Black, Mauve and Pink (which can create a ‘puffy’ look), and Silver

Warm Soft Shades, Brown, Beige, Purple, Peach



Brown, Gold, Green, Orange, Bronze


Blue makes Hazel eyes appear dull

Of course the choice of eyeshadows is also affected by skin tone and hair colour. Warm skin tones should choose warmer shades of browns, Peach, Gold, Plum, whereas cooler skin tones tend to be more suited to cool shades of Blue, Grey, Green and Purple. Hair colour also affects the choice; darker shades are best avoided for blondes; redheads tend to suit autumn colours best whilst dark hair will tolerate most shades from light to dark.

Day time colours tend to be more muted, and natural shades such as Beauty Without Cruelty Serenity and Vanity Mineral Shimmers are perfect for lifting the eyes and creating a ‘sophisticated natural’ effect. For best day time it is best to use a lighter and a darker shade for accent. Simply sweep the lighter shade over the upper eyelid towards the brow bone. Apply the second shade across the top of the lid and blend upwards. It is best not to completely cover the lid as this can give a heavy look. A little of the darker shade in the crease will help to enlarge the eyes. Blend these together with a brush. Finish with mascara and a little eyeliner if desired. The aim is simplicity.

Evening makeovers are more dramatic and can use a wider range of colours including the darkest shades and can be more fun. Try some of the dramatic looks in the ‘Evening Wear-5 ways with eyes’ article.

Probably no-one has the perfect shaped eyes, but there are a few things you can do to make them look so!

For small eyes wear lighter shades to make the eyes look larger – dark shades tend to reduce

Deep set eyes – keep the colour applied to the lid light and use a darker shade above the crease to emphasize eye size rather than loss of shape

For droopy eyes lift the outside corner of the eye with dark shadow and/or eyeliner sweeping up and out.

For eyes that are too close together introduce a lighter shade on the inside of the eye, or even a dab of white blended slightly will push the eyes apart

For wide eyes use a darker shade on the inside and lighter on the outside edge of the eye

To keep eyes looking young apply eye make-up gently, working from the eyelid upwards and from the inside corner outwards trying not to stretch the skin. Avoid sharp lines, and smudge eyeliner blending the edges and keeping close to the lash line.

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