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Get the Most out of your Lip Liner


Long lasting, high performance lip pencils to create an even and defined lip shape.

The BWC lip liners have been designed to help you achieve the best lip shape and ensure that lipstick stays on for the whole day. Available in three shades (Raspberry, Peach Blush and Hazelnut), choose the one closest to that of your natural lip colour. This will create a neutral starting point and means it can be used under any shade of lipstick. Our lip liners have been produced with a blend of plant extracts, coconut oil and jojoba oil for the ultimate, moisturising finish. This will ensure that your lipstick stays looking fresh all day.

Using a lip liner before applying lipstick can have many benefits, such as creating an even and blank base that works under any lip colour. It can also help prevent feathering and bleeding of lipstick which is especially important when wearing dark lipstick as it is more obvious. One of the most popular ways that lip liners can be used is to subtly adjust the shape of the lips, for example making them look fuller or more symmetrical.

Before applying, make sure that your lips are clean and hydrated by using a lip balm. If your lips are particularly dry or chapped, try gently exfoliating them first. Make sure that the pencil tip is sharp enough that it won’t tug at your skin. Using light strokes, carefully line the edges of your lips, beginning at the cupids bow. For smoother lipstick that lasts even longer, continue to fill in your lips with the lip liner. To change the appearance of your lip shape, simply use the liner to draw your desired shape. Complete the look by applying a lipstick or lip gloss. For a more precise edge, try applying lipstick with a small, pointed lip brush. Use the Fine Cream Concealer around the lips to clean up any mistakes and ensure a neat edge.

To help create the illusion of fuller lips use the lip liner to exaggerate their size, focusing above and below the lips, rather than the sides. Avoid using darker coloured lipsticks as they can cause your lips to appear smaller. To make then look even plumper, apply a clear lip gloss over any lipstick and a small line of highlighter on the cupids bow. This will draw attention to your lips and complete the illusion of a voluminous pout.

Another way to create the perfect finish to your lips is by using the Line & Prime for Brows & Lips Pencil. This is a clear wax pencil that can be used on your lips to form an invisible barrier that is particularly helpful against feathering and bleeding of lipstick. It can also be used all over the lips to increase the longevity of your lipstick. Use around the lips to tidy up any stray colour and keep it looking neat.

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