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Two-Tone and Ombre Lips


Two-Tone and Ombre Lips

Ombre Lips are a simple but high impact look, as well as being one of the easiest lips to wear. Traditionally, this effect has been used to contour the lips and make them appear fuller and plumper by using a darker colour at the edges and a lighter one in the centre. However, due to the recent impact of Korean beauty looks, there is also the reverse to consider. This look involves using a darker, brighter colour in the centre which is then blended out to a much lighter colour. This creates a unique and cute ‘just eaten a strawberry’ look.

Step 1 - Line the lips Step 1 - Line the lips
Step 2 - Use the darker lip shade first Step 2 - Use the darker lip shade first
Step 3 - Fill in with the lighter shade Step 3 - Fill in with the lighter shade
Step 4 - Blend well Step 4 - Blend well

To create the more traditional Ombre lip look, first choose the two different lipstick colours that you will use. In the example we have used Natural Infusion Matte Moisturising Lipstick Cocktail Dress and Sweet Subtlety. These are quite different shades, but similar colours could be used as well as in the example below. To create the look, use a lip liner in a darker shade (Morello) to outline the lips. Next, use the darker lipstick shade (Cocktail Dress) and a lip brush to cover most of the lips, leaving out the centre. Using the lighter shade (Sweet Subtlety), fill in the centre with the brush and then blend the colours together. This should create a gradual effect that makes the lips appear fuller in the centre. Clear lip gloss could be added over the top to add shine and depth to the look.

Similar shades work well Similar shades work well
Create drama with stronger shades Create drama with stronger shades
Try different shades on each lip Try different shades on each lip
Reverse the ombre for a minimal effect Reverse the ombre for a minimal effect

Another idea for two-toned lips is using different shades on the top and bottom lips. Two similar colours will create a simple look that is great for everyday use. For a bolder and brighter look, contrasting colours could be used. To create this look, simply choose two lipstick colours and apply one to the top and one to the bottom lip. Once they are on, rub lips together slightly to blend the colours but be careful not to overdo it. This will cause the colours to run into each other and mix rather than staying separate. To help set the lipstick and prevent the colours mixing during the day, blot using a tissue and apply a small amount of translucent powder using a finger. Make sure not to apply too much or the lips will end up dusty.

To create the newer Korean lip, first fill the lips in with concealer so that they are a similar shade to the rest of your face. Next, choose a lip colour to use. This could either be a lipstick or a gloss depending on your desired finished, for example, Soft Natural Lip gloss in the shade Rosewood Rave. Apply the chosen colour directly to the inner part of your lips to ensure that this is where the most colour is. Then use a small lip brush to drag and blend the colour outwards slightly. The finished look should have the brightest colour in the centre with almost nothing remaining at the edges.

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