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Magic Lips Explained


Magic Lips
Magic Lips has been around for over 35 years and continues to be the market leading colour changing lip stain. Magic Lips offers not only the convenience of a moisturising lipstick that will stay on all day, but also the fun of an unusual colour and what it will become! Each one becomes completely unique to you in a colour ranging from peach to purple. Magic Lips react with your pH and so no two people have exactly the same shade!

Festival Lips Magic Lips offer 16 different shades including Green, Gold and Apricot. They are made with vitamin E which is used for its skin-conditioning properties, helping lips to feel smooth and hydrated all day. They easily last all day even through kissing, drinking and swimming yet leave no stains or residue. This makes them great for summer when days are even longer and nights even more lively. They can either be worn alone or as a base for another colour. Apply as a normal lipstick. Lining the lips will help to ensure a clean edge, be careful not to run outside the lips as it may be hard to remove!

Apricot and Hot+Pink Try using Magic Lips under another lipstick as a base coat. This could be any finish such as matte or gloss, depending on the look that you want. In this way, if and when the lipstick or gloss colour starts to come off, the stain will remain, ensuring your lips are never ‘bare’.

Festival Lips For a simple daytime look, try using Sand or Peach which both turn into soft peach shades and are perfect for summer. For an evening look, apply the shade Red as it gives an opaque colour that will stay on for hours. A layer of Gold or Platinum over the top will create a gorgeous shimmery effect. Alternatively, you could experiment with one of our seasonal gift sets which offer either three or four lip stains in a range of colours.

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