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Line and Prime for Brows and Lips


The Line & Prime for Brows & Lips Pencil is a super-soft wax pencil that can be used to tame brows and line lips. Its clear formula means that it can easily be used with a variety of products to increase their longevity. Blended with plant extracts and coconut oil which helps to moisturise the skin, keeping it soft and supple. This pencil is an amazing and handy addition to your makeup bag.

Using this pencil on your brows can help increase the staying power of other products, whilst also keeping individual hairs in place. Apply on clean eyebrows, using soft stokes to fill them in. This will create a waxy base that will help product to stick and last longer. Next, fill in your brows with pencil or powder. Use the Line & Prime for Brows & Lips Pencil again to tidy up the edges and also form a protective top coat. Alternatively, the Line & Prime for Brows & Lips Pencil can be used on its own to keep unruly eyebrow hairs in place. The Line & Prime for Brows & Lips Pencil can also be used as an invisible lip liner. Its waxy consistency helps keep product on the lips and prevents feathering and bleeding. To use as a lip liner, first ensure that they are clean and hydrated. If your lips are particularly dry and cracked, try exfoliating them gently first.

Use the Line & Prime for Brows & Lips Pencil to line the edges of the lips, beginning at the cupids bow. For even better durability, use the pencil to completely fill in the lips. The waxy texture of the pencil means that other lip products will last even longer. Additionally, it can be used at the end to tidy up any marks or smudges around the edges of the lips.

Another way that the Line & Prime for Brows & Lips Pencil can be used is as an eyelid primer. This gives eyeshadow something to adhere to so that it lasts even longer. It can also intensify the colour so that it appears much brighter, adding a bigger pop of colour to your makeup. Simply use the pencil all over your eyelid and then apply eyeshadow.

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