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Get more from your lipstick - by Hannah


Pink is back in fashion! I am loving getting the pink eyeshadow out and splashing on the blusher this year! This summer am looking forward to seeing everything pink!

I love lipstick; I always spend so long picking new shades and trying them out on my hand. We have all done it, created modern art on the back of our hand in lipstick. I am always looking for ways to make lipstick look more natural. Isn’t that the whole point of make up? I love being able to get away with bright colours even in the professional environment. There is an amazing technique which everyone can use which not only allows your lipstick to look more naturally suited to your face but also value for money. So let’s get more from our lipstick while being fashionable about it!

Step 1

Pick your favourite lipstick, I love either going bold with reds such as Cerise or the new matte Outrageous, or subtle pinks like Wild Watermelon or the new Matte Promise from the Beauty Without Cruelty Natural Infusion and Matte Ranges.
be-2522-f-cerise-795.jpg outrageous-bullet-only.jpg be-2505-f-wild-watermelon-795.jpg promise-bullet-only.jpg

Step 2

You’re going to want to do your usual make up prep routine before applying lipstick. Try to keep it simple with just concealer, foundation and powder. Now back to the lipstick, start with your cheeks first. As you would with blusher, go for the apple in your cheeks (smile and it’s the bit a relative might have pinched when you were a child). Start off small with just a dab on your cheeks, using your fingers blend the lipstick into your face, when in doubt blend, blend and blend some more. Keep adding until you are happy with the colour.

Step 3

Your eyes, I know, putting lipstick on eyelids sounds crazy, but I promise it’s worth it. As pink is so popular at the moment you will look right on trend. If you haven’t got a blending brush just use your fingers. Cover your whole eyelid, and if you are feeling fancy make the outer corners in a sideways V shape like you would with your eyeshadow to give your eye shape and definition. Like before, when in doubt blend and then blend some more. Use your favourite eyeliner and mascara to outline and create your eye shape.

Step 4

Putting lipstick actually on your lips! Apply lipstick just as you normally would, use lip liner if you are reshaping, put some face power on top to set it and you’re done!

rose-beige-trio.jpg Amazingly lipstick lasts really well on the skin. This effect can be made very natural and soft for an everyday look. It makes your face look fresh and summery.

Happy lipsticking!

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