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The One Minute Make Up - by Hannah


We all like to pretend that mornings are a breeze. We like to think that we leave the house looking all mad up and put together perfectly every day. The truth is that most of the time we might even forget to eat our breakfast let alone remember to put mascara on. If you only have a minute in the morning for makeup, try some of these make up tips below.
Pop some colour
Firstly, the easiest and to be honest probably more of a 10 second make over, is to add some colour. This can be your favourite blusher, eyeshadow or lipstick. My personal favourite is Beauty Without Cruelty Natural Infusion Lipstick Cerise. It’s bright, friendly and it’s a strong enough colour that it completes your look all by itself. It works for both winter and summer. If you prefer just to go with a bit of colour on your eyes or cheeks, go for colours which have pinky tones in order to keep that fresh face look.

30 second lashes
Another quick fix, mascara is one of your most valuable items. It has the ability to totally change a look and is small enough that you can carry it around with you! You don’t need to spend ages layering your eyes, just coat both top and bottom lashes. Personally I use Ultra Glow’s WOW Mascara, its thick enough that you only need one layer AND no clumps!

30 second contour
So before I give you the one minute look, one last tip is, when in doubt just contour. I absolutely love using a mousse for this. Lots of places do powders but they just don’t last! For people who aren’t going to spend the whole day doing constant top ups on their make up in the ladies toilets, bronzing mousse is a must have. So take some smaller than pea size blobs of mousse and blend them onto your cheekbones, side of your nose, hairline and for extra (cheeky eyeshadow trick here) put some on your eyelids for a glow and definition effect.
The one minute make up
So here it is. Essentially take the two 30 second make up tips and put them together. Get your mascara and mousse. Define your face and shape your eyes. That’s it! I promise this is the easiest and quickest make up look which will leave you fresh faced all day. You can always put more mascara on or change how you use the mousse, the list is endless. You just need to try and test it out to find out what you like the best.

One last amazing tip is you can even save some time, instead of buying these items separately, Ultra Glow actually offer a 1 minute make up kit!

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