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The Ultimate Classic Ultra Glow: Sophisticated Natural


This is very much the classic Ultra Glow look. With a real emphasis on natural beauty, it incorporates big eyes, smooth lips and a healthy glow, all achieved effortlessly with Ultra Glow! Just add a nail varnish in a neutral shade to complete the perfect look.

Start with a clean base and apply a light moisturiser. Using either the pressed or loose Ultra Glow Powder and the Large Ultra Glow Retractable Brush, lightly load the brush with powder in swirling motion and then tap as much as possible back off the brush into the pot or compact so that the brush is evenly loaded. Apply in circular sweeping motions from the middle of the forehead down through the cheekbone to the chin not forgetting the nose!. Shorten the brush and apply a little extra under the cheekbones. This causes the focal point of your face to become eyes and lips.

Add a little water to a small quantity of Ultra Glow and using an eyeliner brush, apply a clean stroke from your “tear duct end” to the outside edge along the top of the eyelid. Repeat on the other eye. Alternatively use the Ultra Glow Liner For Eyes BrownBlack Pencil to provide the same soft definition.

Imagine your eye divided as above. Using the Ultra Glow Mineral Shimmer Powders Nude and Sunkiss (or the Beauty Without Cruelty Mineral Shimmers Serenity and Vanity), apply first the Nude to section 2 with an Eyeshadow brush. The best way is to tilt your head back to avoid spillage. Next apply Sunkiss to section 1 all the way up to the eyebrow and use a finger to gently blend into the skin to make the colour subtle. Now apply Sunkiss to section 3 either with the brush or a finger and create a thin line just to brighten your eyes. Follow this with a further line under the eye with either the wet Ultra Glow or the Ultra Glow Pencil to finish the soft outline. The outline on the top lid may need touching up at this point after having applied the eyeshadow!

Finish the eyes with Cocoa WOW Mascara for the perfect natural look although the Onyx will also look fine particularly for darker hair. Alternatively the new Natural Beauty Without Cruelty Mascaras give a lovely finish particularly the Ultimate Natural in Walnut.

For the lips all that is needed is a touch of the Ultra Glow Lip Gloss in Pink Mink or Iced Mocha, or rub a little Ultra Glow Powder onto your lips and coat with clear Lip Gloss. If you prefer to wear a lipstick try the new Beauty Without Cruelty Natural Infusion Lipsticks in natural shades similar to your lips such as Warm Pecan, Cappuccino, Birch or Praline. Either way this creates the beautifully smooth perfect finish to make your lips appear soft and natural.

To finish match your nails with either Beauty Without Cruelty’s Attitude Nails in Praline, Gold or Rose Quartz, or rub a little Ultra Glow Loose Powder on to your nails and seal with clear nail varnish.

Now your Sophisticated Natural look created by Ultra Glow is complete!

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